Book Review: Fangirl

About the Book:

The New York Best Selling Author Rainbow Rowell brings to you her second book- a romantic fiction ‘Fangirl’. This is Cath's story. Until now, Cath shared her whole world with her twin sister Wren. Cath and Wren are going to college now and Wren does not want Cath to be her roommate. Cath now is on her own and steps in a completely new world, out of comfort zone. Life is calling for Cath to open her heart and accept the change. Separated from her only source of comfort, she is left with much to deal with; namely the anxiety, rude room-mate, her always-around boyfriend and the life as a freshman. The change is huge.

Growing up without a mother the twins were extremely close. She grows up as a shy, introvert girl where her sister was her only friend and the only link to social world. Will Cath be able to embrace the change? Will she be able to find balance in her life? Life is all about finding and balancing things that hold importance; this book will take readers to a journey, exploring many themes of life as we grow and move on.

About the Author:

Rainbow Rowell is one of the critically acclaimed American authors, who writes adult contemporary and young adult novels. She is known as the New York Best Seller Author for her adult fiction novel Eleanor & Park; Fangirl is her second novel. Both of her novels, were named as the best young adult fiction novel by The New York Times. Rowell has also worked for Omaha World-Herald as an ad copywriter and columnist from 1995 to 2012.

The Review:

As someone who has lived in the fandom and written innumerable fanfiction of her own and suffers from social anxiety, I could relate really well to Cath. Her sister, Wren’s, dumping of her to find herself and becoming a party girl only pushes Cath further into the world of Simon Snow – the fictional fantasy series she’s shown to be obsessed with in the novel.

Cath’s roommate Reagan finds her adorable while her best friend and exboyfriend, Levi, is intrigued by her. He goes out his way to be there for Cath even when she’s snappy and rather mean to him. Because through most of the novel Cath wrongly believes that Levi is still dating Reagan, even though Reagan goes around with a number of other men!

I thoroughly loved their father's character as well. Because despite having every reason to walk out of his life, he held on and held his daughters firmly by his side. I really, really loved him. Please read the book to find out why exactly. 

Rainbow Rowell had me been fooled with Nick Manter’s character. I am sure she intended for that to happen! But nonetheless, Fangirl, was a nice fun read. Especially for people like me who tended to ignore reality and live in the world of books. We bookworms will really rule this world, someday. Emphasis on someday because I don’t think we take breaks long enough between our reads.
Fangirl at heart remains the story about growing up, settling down and bringing into your adult life things that have spilled in from your childhood. Having quite the similar hangup that I have towards Harry Potter, I could understand Cath’s views. I also loved the fact that snippets from the Simon Snow stories were interspersed in the novel or else a lot of Cath’s conversations and internal monologue wouldn’t make any sense.

Overall this was a nice read which introduces themes of mental health, alcoholism, as well as abandonment issues. I would definitely love to read more of Rainbow Rowell’s works.
(P.S. I cannot believe she was actually named Rainbow!)

Rating: 3.5/5