#SpreadSomeIndieLove: Jenna Moreci

I have taken part in previous years Spread Some Indie Love hosted by b00kr3vi3ws.in, and I was almost certain I am going to give this year a miss. But somehow my phone decided to download the dates for this particular blog hop and I discovered Jenna Moreci right on time.

Most of my book blogger friends would go, "Who on Earth is that?" Well, she's an author and a truly inspiring one at that. She writes full time, she self-publishes and also finds the time to impart her carefully acquired knowledge about writing.

I am a published author (as most of you may know, I am the author of The Secret Proposal, The Guitar Girl and When Our Worlds Collide) but whenever I get stuck, her videos have helped me out. In this blog post, I am going to be Spreading Some Indie Love by linking you to my favorite videos by Jenna Moreci. I'll end the post with links to Jenna's social media and to her book, EVE: The Awakening.

When she told the world why she was going for self-publishing: 

When she spoke about naming characters:

When she spoke about outlining novels:

And my favourite: when she spoke about the 9 Weird things writers tend to do:

And here's what EVE: The Awakening is all about:

Eve is an outcast. A chimera.

After years of abuse and rejection, 19-year-old Evelyn Kingston is ready for a fresh start in a new city, where no one knows her name. The esteemed Billington University in Southern California seems like the perfect place to reinvent herself—to live the life of an ordinary human.

But things at Billington aren’t as they seem. In a school filled with prodigies, socialites, and the leaders of tomorrow, Eve finds that the complex social hierarchy makes passing as a human much harder than she had anticipated. Even worse, Billington is harboring a secret of its own: Interlopers have infiltrated the university, and their sinister plans are targeted at chimeras—like Eve.

Instantly, Eve’s new life takes a drastic turn. In a time filled with chaos, is the world focusing on the wrong enemy? And when the situation at Billington shifts from hostile to dangerous, will Eve remain in the shadows, or rise up and fight?

JENNA'S Social Media:

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/jennamoreci
FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/authorjennamoreci
TUMBLR: http://jennamoreci.tumblr.com
PINTREST: http://pintrest.com/jennamoreci

And here's the GIVEAWAY...I decided that I will be giving away a copy of When Our Worlds Collide, along with some bookish goodies to 1 Lucky Winner.

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  1. My favorite Indie author is Rachel Abbott.

  2. I don't have a favorite, since I haven't read a lot of indie books. I really want to read more soon!!

  3. I don't have a favorite indie author since I have never read any Indie books.

  4. Oh, come on....Out of thousands of Indie authors I am to choose 1?...No can do!
    Thank you for participating and for the great Giveaway opportunity!

  5. I don't have a favorite Indie author yet!

  6. My Favorite author is D. Love (aka Derinda Love) fabulous author. Great post & thank you

  7. Hard to pick a favourite, but I like Dennis Staguinnus -- The Eye of Odin.

  8. Wanted to add another comment -- just watched one of the videos you posted, thanks for sharing them -- love Jenna Moreci now.

  9. I have never read an Indie book but would like to.

  10. I don't know that I've read any indie authors...Though I do tend to pay more attention to the book than the person who wrote it.

  11. To be honest, I don't really have a favorite. I admire and respect, all of your works. (jozywails@gmail.com)

  12. I don't have a favorite indie author yet.

  13. I'm not sure I've read any indie authors so far.

    ~ KateS


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