Fave Friday: 5 All-Time Favourite Books

BUZZ Magazine is back with its weekly meme, Fave Five Friday. This week's topic is 5 All Time Favourite Books. So without further ado here are my personal picks!

The Grimms Fairy Tales

I was introduced into the magical world of stories by reading Fairy Tales. Doubtless these were the watered down versions that began with 'Once Upon A Time' and ended with 'and so they lived happily ever after'. As I grew older my curiosity about the fairy tales and their origins also grew, and even though I discovered the darkness within the stories - I could never outgrow my love for them. In fact, researching and reading fairy tales and their retelling inspired me to come with my own version of fairy tales series, with the first book called 'An Awfully BIG Adventure'.


This book I had heard about in my teenage years. But I finally got a chance to read it when a classmate gifted it to me for my fifteenth birthday. I fell in love with Judy Abbott and her story. I especially loved the fact that she was being sent away to college to train her into being a writer. Being fifteen with my only goal in life to be a published writer, I worshiped Judy and I was completely in love with her beautiful story. Sadly I never got a hold of the sequel to this book called Dear, Enemy.

Room on the Roof

Before I came across this book, all the stories I had read in English had foreign characters. Little me didn't realize that not all of these characters were British or American or Australian. I had not come across any Indian writing in English until I found Room on the Roof sitting prettily in my school's library bookshelf. Rusty's story besides being one of the best reads of my life also showed me I could dream of a realistic career in Indian writing in English. Because it wasn't quite as common when I was in my teens.

Harry Potter Series

When we were still in school there wasn't as much awareness about mental health as there is today. I used to be extremely depressed and suffered from anxiety. One thing that helped me get through the years of never being able to fit into school was the Harry Potter series. In fact, I actually wrote a blog post talking about the debt I still owe to this wonderful boy wizard and his creator.

The Count of Monte Cristo 

Even though I had read a lot of classics, I came across this one by its movie first. I liked the fight sequence and I was confused as to what was happening in the movie. I decided to get my hands on a copy of the book and get a few questions sorted by myself. To this day it remains one of the best stories I have ever read about love and revenge, and as an acquaintance had put it, "wonderful prison break."