Fave Five Friday: Book Genres

Fave Five Friday: Favourite Book Genres

When I was first introduced to reading, I jumped from the world of fairy tales into the worlds created by Enid Blyton with the school stories and the holiday stories and the stories about children forming secret clubs and solving mysteries. I think it was from there into the world of children’s classics to classics a teenager probably had no business reading. But it opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. I would have tagged Plays as a genre I like to read but that’s a lie. I have only liked plays we studied in school and unfortunately, I never explored that field on my own. So here are the five book genres that I particularly like.

Children’s Fiction & Classics

As I mentioned before I grew up reading Enid Blytons’s books. But not the ones for kids – like Noddy and Magic Faraway Tree – I was reading Malory Towers and St. Claires – and getting thoroughly bored. It was Famous Five and Secret Seven and the Five Find Outers that made me sit up and really get swallowed in the world of Blyton. The other series that I loved was The Naughtiest Girl in the school. From this I moved on to Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Little Women (the abridged version). The Room on the Room deserves special mention here too.


Of course the year I turned twelve, I also became best friends with the British boy wizard. Harry Potter was my lifeline growing up and I honestly would not trade that for anything. But along with that, I also discovered Roald Dahl during the same time. And a one off book that found at a Scholastic Book Fair in school.

Young Adult

Even though it is more of an age group than a genre, Young Adult books have been the milk to tea since the time stumbled into the arms of John Green and refused to get from it. In fact I stayed in that world and discovered lovely books and lovelier authors. I keep coming across lesser known authors and discovering gems in this genre. No matter what anyone says, young adult books deal with a lot of series issues and they are important to help you through life.


I haven’t explored this genre too much but I can still vouch for it to be honest. I have read Agatha Christie novels and I love them. The other stories that I love in this genre were probably read when I was a preadolescent teenager. But books like Gone Girl and Girl on the Train really do make you sit up and take notice.


It’s clichéd choice but c’mon, where would we be without our fills of Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice and The Count of Monte Cristo? Although I read most of these books while still in school, I still like going back to them every once in a while. It’s like talking to a very old but familiar friend.
So what are your favourite genres when it comes to books?