Fave Five Friday: Fave Five Book Siblings

Durga and Apu from Pather Panchali

If you grew up reading Bengali books then I am sure you’ve come across Pather Panchali. I read this book in school as a part of my syllabus but I couldn’t shake of these characters from my mind. When I think about book siblings, they come to mind. Apu was the apple of his mother’s eyes. But he had a different bond with his Didi. That was reflected in the movie that was made. Someday I want to go back and read this novel again.  

Noah and Jude from I’ll Give You the Sun

I read this book quite recently and I loved the back and forth narration of the same. Noah and Jude had one half of the story each. I liked that despite the fact they had enough jealousy between them to tear apart several lifetimes, they were there for each other at the crucial moments. They were in the bitterest of fights but when in the hour of each other’s needs Noah and Jude stuck together like glue.

The March Sisters from Little Women

While readers would prefer one sister over the other I loved all of the four March girls. Because I read this book in my formative years and all of them had something to teach me. I could relate the most with Amy March though. As she was the youngest, spoilt little princess and she grows up during her time away from home in Europe. In the second half of the series, (released as Good Wives), I loved reading about her slow transition. I loved how the book focused each chapter on a different sister. They were my favourite book siblings growing up.

Akriti and Riley from When Our Worlds Collide

Maybe I shouldn’t be including the characters that I conjured out of thin air in this list but I cannot help it. I love the fact Akriti and Riley are step siblings but behave completely like blood related ones. Akriti feels no difference towards him and Riley returns the feeling. I loved writing their scenes. It felt pretty real to me.  

Lily and Langston from Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares

Show me a brother who would team up with his boyfriend to devise a plan to make sure his little sister finds someone interesting enough to date! He actually plants the diary at The Strand to help boost his sister’s chances of finding someone special. And he helps her unconditionally. He also helps her in the sequel. But I cannot rave about how awesome he is in that because I haven’t finished reading the book yet.


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