Book Review: The Sinister Silence

The Review:

I have had the pleasure of meeting Moitrayee Di personally, after she sent me a copy of her novel, The Sinister Silence for review. As an author, I understand why she has been following up with me to know why I hadn't reviewed a book that I had finished reading last year. 

Well for one, things haven't been normal on the home front. It turns out juggling a day job with being a writer when your mother is unwell, and tending to five cats at the same time is a fool's errand. Anyway, enough of the rant about why I haven't been blogging as regularly as I should have. Or at least meeting my review deadlines. Let me take you through the story. 

The thing with reviewing murder mystery is the key to knowing exactly how much you can talk about the book's good points without giving anything away. I think this book opens at a very good point and takes you headlong into the story. Honestly, when chapter one started, I honestly felt there was a theme song playing in my head...making me believe I was watching a movie. 

I liked the character of Mili Ray. It is refreshing to see a woman detective, who is so much like the male counterparts that we like to hero worship even today. I liked the ending very much, and let's just say I had placed my bet on the wrong character to have been the villain in the story. 

This story will leave you feeling happy, and yearning for more mysteries for Mili Ray to solve. Here's to Moitrayee di and hoping to see more books by her in the near future. 



  1. Thank you soooo much for this beautiful review Aniesha. I am very happy that you liked the book :).


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